Well, one thing just shot to our list of places to visit when interregional travel is cool again. This morning, we received a press release about the new Golden Skybridge experience. Coming this May, the experience offers not one, but two amazing suspension bridges offering stunning views. Here’s a little more info.

golden skybridge

The new Golden Skyridge comes from Pursuit, the company behind FlyOver Canada in Vancouver and the Columbia Icefield Skywalk, among other things. The new skybridges are connected via forested trails, and are just minutes outside of downtown Golden.

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One bridge sits at 80m high, while the other soars some 130m over the valley floor. To put this into perspective, Niagara Falls is around 50m high, and Vancouver’s popular Capilano Suspension Bridge is 70m high. Pair that with some amazing views of the surrounding mountains (with a waterfall for good measure) and we have a feeling that this is going to become a bucket-list destination in the province.

golden skybridge

This is just the start of it, too! Pursuit is also building a canyon swing, a 1.2km-long zipline, and an axe-throwing experience on the site. But, they’re not expecting these to open until later this summer, so double-check what’s open if and when you decide to go.

For more information, just click the link below!

Golden Skybridge

When: Opening May 2021
Where: Golden, British Columbia