Maybe your favourite hobby is something you haven’t even tried yet. Local startup company, RentBridge wants to give you the freedom to try anything without spending everything. From Kitchen-Aid mixers and kayaks to projectors and tools, this genius platform is giving people a safe space to rent those pricey specialty items that you might only use once.

Described as an “Airbnb for stuff” RentBridge not only gives those who are hesitant a chance to try something before they buy; it also gives the people who rarely use something that they’ve may have purchased on a whim, the chance to dust it off – while also making a couple of bucks. 

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It’s practically the ultimate side hustle.

According to CTV, the company has only been operational since August, but they’ve done pretty well for themselves so far.

Honestly, how could they not, everyone involved wins and it’s totally safe. For those thinking of renting their stuff out to strangers (which sounds terrifying) every item lent out through their website is insured and monitored, so you don’t have to worry about damages or even having it stolen!

It’s totally worth checking out, guys! RentBridge is available online and as an app on both IOS and Android, so there’s really no reason not to! You won’t regret it.