Have you ever wondered what a marine animal family vacation might look like? No? Just us? Well, whether or not you’ve given it any thought, you’re about to get an answer! Right now, as we type, thousands of the ocean’s cheekiest whales are swimming from the Arctic to Canada, and the entire thing is candid on camera. Humans and squirrels, pop some corn because you’re about to get lost in the Beluga migration live stream.

The camera strapped to the bottom of a boat sailing the Churchill River Estuary of Hudson’s Bay showcases these beautiful social sea creatures. They’ve been caught playing and even making maybe the funniest little noises we’ve ever heard.

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Obviously the live stream is meant to entertain, but it’s also broadcast in an effort to raise awareness for the melting ice in the Arctic. Sea ice is extremely important to keep these adorable angel babies, and their land neighbour, the polar bear alive and well. Without it, their survival rate would plummet.

It’s definitely not a bad thing to keep in mind while you’re watching anytime between now and September, which is as long as the live stream will up and available.

For more information on Beluga preservation, take a look at this link here, otherwise, enjoy watching and relaxing to the sounds and sights of the Beluga whale migration via live stream.

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