On Wednesday, Vancouver City Council approved a new, 55-story tower to be built in the downtown core. What’s more, 152 of the units will be used for social housing. Here’s a quick rundown of the newly approved development.

The proposal comes from Pinnacle International, who’s actually also behind the future tallest residential building in Canada, the SkyTower in Toronto. Anyway, this new Vancouver building is zoned to be 163 metres tall, or around 534 feet. So, nothing to shake a stick at either. For the curious, the tallest building in Vancouver right now is the Shangri-La, at just over 200 metres.

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As for social housing, that’s part of a pledge to make the building accessible for more individuals. In fact, the 152 social housing units represent a third of the total, with 303 market-based units planned.

The building will be located at 601 Beach Crescent and is designed by GBL Architects. Inspired by dance (their rationale, not ours), the building has a very flowy, curvy look to it. And, it does provide some fun contrast to the Vancouver House, which is right across Granville Street.

If you’d like to learn more about the new development, just click here for the city council meeting recap.