Anyone who’s ever been to Revelstoke BC will tell you that it’s a stunning destination no matter the time of year. What they might not tell you, is that it’s also the ultimate stop for Canadian adrenaline junkies. Though it’s without a dangerous G-force and lacks a series of loopty-loops, the southern town’s Pipe Mountain Coaster is a must-visit for those with the need for speed.

Located about 9 minutes from the city’s centre, Revelstoke’s Mountain Resort is hidden amongst trees, flowers and wildlife, overlooks hills and valleys and is actually where you’ll find this one-of-a-kind attraction. Well, ‘one-of-a-kind’ minus the Ridge Runner at Ontario’s Blue Mountain and the new Cypress Mountain Coaster, of course.

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With a maximum speed of 42km/h, guests over the age of 3 are permitted to climb aboard a bright yellow buggy and strap in before zipping down the side of the mountain.

During this 1.4 km ride, not only will your heart race, but the sights will change the way that you see the area.

Of course, how fast you go and are actually able to see is dependant on your height, weight, and how you choose to sit in the gondola but it’s still well worth the ride.

There really is nothing like this anywhere in the country, so it’s worth adding to your Northern bucket list.


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Prices can range from $16 – $69 depending on the time of day you choose to ride and how frequently – but will, in many cases, include their other super fun activities like mini-golf or axe throwing.

Honestly, this place is somewhere that you could happily spend an entire day – so plan accordingly!

For more information, you can check out their official website – where they also have live updates on things like how long you might have to wait in line.

As always, have fun, be safe and enjoy! You’re in for one wild ride!


Where: 2950 Camozzi Rd, Revelstoke, BC
Instagram: @Revelstokemtnresort