Here’s a little tidbit from us to you: if you’re building a multi-million dollar home, double-check every bylaw. Because if you don’t, you might end up like this Gatineau, Quebec homeowner.

A recent court ruling said that a newly built multi-million dollar home must be torn down. The reason? It was built roughly 7 meters from the street instead of the required 15.67, which breaks a bylaw. Yikes!

Homeowner Patrick Molla was given permission to build his house but, no one in the bylaw office caught the front yard infraction. This seems like a pretty big oversight in our books. But, all seemed alright when in 2014, the city gave Molla an exemption for his short front yard.

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However, nearly 8 years later, a Quebec judge overturned that exemption. This means that the house will have to be torn down if the city doesn’t appeal the decision. Add to this situation a group of people in the neighbourhood advocating for the house’s removal and you have what we like to call a…Okay, we can’t say what it is but let’s just say the first part of the word is “cluster.”

As of right now, the city has the chance to repeal this decision. While Molla is suing the city for the mistake in the first place.

So, is there a moral to the story? Well, maybe it’s just a reminder to really cross your T’s and dot your I’s when building a house. Or, maybe it’s not that? Who knows.