You ever think to yourself- Hey, what am I doing living in a big city? Why not just take my hard-earned cash and go vibe out in the middle of the prairies? Well, we’ve found the perfect option for you. Say hello to a lavish, massive estate located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

manitoba mansion

Ok, it’s more like the edge of the prairies, but that’s ok. You’ll still feel like absolute royalty in this 6 bedroom and 12 bathroom mansion with roughly 22,000 square feet of living space. Consider it a readymade invitation to Manitoba royalty, if there was such a thing.

grand hall

The Manitoba mansion, and associated riverhouse (cool), took roughly six years to build. No detail was overlooked in the construction, outside or in. Any time you see a home where people created designs in the hardwood, you know that they were really going for it.

mansion manitoba

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manitoba mansion

Located on the banks of the Assiniboine River, 1063 Wellington Crescent is one of those homes that already has everything you’d need. Divided into two wings with a grand hall in the centre, there’s a home theatre, indoor and outdoor pools, a wine cellar… you name it, and this property has it. Or, at least the space for it.


Which is good, because we didn’t see anything about a golf simulator in there. Heck, you could probably buy a golf course in the next town over instead. That’s probably your best bet since the local country club is undergoing renos for the next few years. We personally would love a public course with a wacky, multimillionaire owner.

manitoba mansion

And since this home costs a whopping $9.25M to buy, you kind of need to be a multimillionaire anyway. To see this Manitoba mansion in all its glory, just click here!