As far as gorgeous towns in Ontario go, there is no beating Kingston. Be it for its architectural beauty, vibrant art and culture, sensational foodscape or the many fun things to do in Kingston, the place has forever been a getaway hotspot. And for anyone who needed more reason to frequent it, they’ve got one. Enter: The epic mocktail scene! You read that right.

The non-alcoholic scene has been on the rise for a while. And rightly so. Mocktails, after all, do come with all the flavour and refreshingness of a cocktail, and none of the pain of the dreadful morning after. But Kingston decided to take the non-boozy drinks to a whole new level, and they made mocktail sipping one of the best things to do in Kingston.

For anyone looking for their next weekend escape or day trip, here are 7 Kingston restaurants and bars that prove the limestone city should be your top choice. Thanks to the most extravagant no-alcohol concoctions these resto-bars are serving up.

things to do in Kingston: mocktails
Photo via Tourism Kingston

Take a look—

Whiskey & Rosé

Don’t be fooled by the name, the place has a lot more than just Whiskey & Rosé. In addition to a curated food and drink menu crafted with locally sourced ingredients, Whiskey & Rosé also has a whole 0% alcohol menu. The latter boasts incredibly delish mocktails that will leave you craving more.

HEIST Restaurant + Wine Club

HEIST Restaurant + Wine Club is where dining and mocktails reach a new level of cool. You’ll get a taste of this just by browsing their creative menu. They bring the same level of creativity to their selection of wine, craft cocktails AND non-boozy mocktails. Swing by and let the mocktail adventure begin!

things to do in Kingston: mocktails
Photo via Tourism Kingston

The Bank of Frontenac Club

The Bank is a beautiful gastro-bar tucked away from King St. in the historic Frontenac Club Boutique Hotel. While the gastro-bar is worth visiting for its calm ambience alone, it also offers a delightful menu of food and bevvies. From their temperance menu, you can enjoy upscale non-alcoholic beauties (ooh, the visual appeal). You can either sip on their craft concoctions or ask for the Surprise Me which is their rotating feature mocktail.

Miss Bao Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

As can be guessed from the name, Miss Bao is an Asian Fusion restaurant with a pretty impressive food and drink menu. And while their food is straight-up divine, their cocktails are not to be taken lightly. The best part, many of these cocktails have non-alcoholic versions by request. Our recos: Mango Blossom and Supersonic G&T. They even have a weekly special mocktail, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.

Mocktails are some of the best things to do in Kingston
Photo via Tourism Kingston

Chez Piggy

This one has been a downtown Kingston staple for four decades, offering an extensive brunch, lunch and dinner menu. But more importantly, the place shines for its delightful mocktail creations. From virgin classics to imaginative zero-alcohol libations, their menu boasts an array of options. Their Electric Linen and Kentucky Fog are popular faves.


TBH, Curate.Social is an immersive shopping (yes, shopping!) experience that deserves a solo spot on the elaborate list of things to do in Kingston. The place is a multi-brand lifestyle store for men and women, a cafe and a bar all at once. And it certainly has a delightful mocktail offering too. Be it the refreshing Elements or the adventurous Yin & Yang, their zero-alcohol sips won’t disappoint.

Mocktail culture in Kingston ON
Photo via Tourism Kingston

Atomica Kitchen & Cocktails

Get ready for a contemporary mocktail adventure at Atomica Kitchen! The place boasts of an eclectic food menu and an equally extensive drink menu. The latter is where you’ll find their imaginative non-alcoholic creations that are bursting with citrusy, tropical flavours and a hint of bubbly excitement. The Mango Mule and Lemon Sour are defs worth trying.

There you have it folks, seven more reasons to make Kingston your next escape. Happy not drinking!