This holiday season just got very merry! In the spirit of giving, we’re gifting some ‘strait’ knowledge! Alberta’s new favourite adventure-ready gin cocktails are here and you better believe we’ll be stocking our fridge full! With three tasty flavours, The Strait and Narrow Canadian-made cocktails are crafted by the award-winning makers of Empress 1908 Gin with a custom gin distillation for each flavour and are the perfect post-winter adventure sip!

strait and narrow

It was definitely a toss-up, but we’re going to call it and say our favorite flavour is the juicy Grapefruit Rosemary. This complex blend has a subtle hint of the herb without it being overbearing. Now, If rosemary isn’t your thing, don’t fret as there’s really something for everyone! Pucker up for their Lemon Lavender or sip on their sweet Pear Rhubarb.

All three of The Strait and Narrow flavours have the perfect amount of fizz and without that overwhelming pine taste you sometimes find in other gin cocktails. With the perfect hint of sweetness (only 4g of sugar in each), these gluten-free and full-flavoured cocktails will definitely compel you to enjoy more than one!

strait and narrow

Since indoor hang-outs with friends aren’t a thing these days, might as well head out to the mountains, the skating rink, or even just a friend’s backyard (remaining 6 feet apart, of course!) and enjoy one of these refreshing cocktails! After creating your own safe, outdoor adventure in these strange times may as well indulge afterward guilt-free!

Alberta, you can stock up now at a liquor store near you!