If you get out of the house much there are probably two things you see a lot on the daily in Vancouver – nice cars and small dogs. But even with the best care, small dogs in this city don’t have it so easy. And that’s why two local veterinarians have created PredatorBWear.

PredatorBWear is a unique harness that immediately makes even those most innocent pups look super punk due to their spiky nature. And beyond looks, the spikes are actually a deterrent against predators and larger dogs. Which was an idea that vets Alison Columbus and Janice Voth came up with after seeing an increase in injured dogs.

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After all, we’ve probably all heard the news about Stanley Park’s aggressive coyotes. Now, some people raised over these unique harnesses, but at the end of the day giving small dog owners peace of mind and protecting the dogs themselves is hard to argue against.

For anywhere between $30 and $99, you can comfortably outfit your furry little friend with one of these bad boys. They’re shipping anywhere in Canada (with some included fees), so no matter where you are your tiny buddy can be safe.

Plus the spikes are hollow plastic and are removable via velcro. So they’re versatile for whatever situation you might find yourself in with your pup. If you’d like to learn more or check out PredatorBWear you can click here or above.