If you haven’t tuned into the news for a few days you might not know that Newfoundland got hit with record-setting snow over the weekend.  Some places in the province received an absurd 93 cm of snow, which is over three feet if you need some metric help.

Needless to say, the photos and videos of the snowstorm are hard to believe. Some people went the happy-go-lucky Canadian way and used the outrageous dump of snow for good. Cool brew, anyone?

Others took things even further, turning the Newfoundland streets into slopestyle adventures. It’s quicker than snowshoeing and a hell of a lot more fun, so you can’t blame these adrenaline junkies.

Now, one of the more terrifying sights of “Snowmageddon” came from this time-lapse video off of one Newfoundlander’s home camera. There is nothing fun about having your innocent sedan getting swallowed by Mother Nature’s dandruff.

Things have gotten so bad that the Canadian Armed Forces have been sent out to aid in the aftermath of the storm. That’s some good old fashioned Canadian teamwork.

Fingers crossed everyone in Newfoundland stays safe, warm, and dry. In the meantime, we’ll be daydreaming of warm weather and sunshine.