Oh, Canada. You are just too cute sometimes! Today, we want to show you one of the coolest natural phenomenons this country has. In the spirit of winter, we’re diving (er, slipping and sliding) to the Lake Superior ice caves.

Lake Superior is a massive lake (well, duh) in Ontario where a tango of waves, ice, and wind results in frozen hideaways along the shore.

People sit in a cave and take photos

Imagine a 20-foot wave freezing in its tracks in the most glamorous pose possible. Then, you can start to imagine how cool the caves are. The sun, moving ice, and wind constantly reform the caves so no view is the same twice.

There are several different locations along the lake where ice creates these incredible spots. They’re ever-changing and never the same year to year, so we recommend exploring fully.

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People walking within ice cave

You can access these accolade-worthy caves via the Trans Canada Highway. Ideal spots to explore are Alona Bay and Coppermine Point.

Take advantage of this natural beauty (no filter needed) ASAP because the caves are expected to change with the climate over the next few years. FYI, February is the ideal month to check them out so start rounding up your friends and family now!

lake superior ice caves

Don’t wish away cold weather just yet! When Lake Superior freezes solid, you’re able to access the caves by foot via the lake, making for an extra-unforgettable experience.

Also, for the inside scoop on the most Insta-worthy caves, the staff of the Stokely Creek Lodge keeps track of where the best ones are hiding.

Canada is full of gems, and the Lake Superior ice caves are in our own backyard. Go fly your Canadian pride flag high and enjoy this awesome spot!