Combining our Calgarian pride with our love for delicious drinks, And Soda Beverages has officially stolen our hearts (and we’re pretty damn excited about it!) In addition to being locally-made, super Instagrammable and super tasty, these natural vodka soda drinks were made to enjoy guilt-free!

and soda calgary
Photos via Curiocity

Crafted with 100% real fruit, and without any added sugars or preservatives, And Soda Beverages pack a deliciously fresh taste with 5.8% alc in each… and come in tall cans to give us even more to enjoy (we’re sold!) Plus, with four great flavours, they’re makin’ it possible to switch it up all season long.

The only real dilemma? Trying to decide which flavour to pick from. Or, if you’re like us, maybe just grab ‘em all.  

and soda calgary
Photo via Curiocity


The classic Cocktail. The essence of a freshly squeezed lime with your favorite vodka.


The perfect blend. Only the natural sweetness of the ripest fruits with a hint of citrus.


Think naturally sweet and tart with a hint of sour. Need we say more? 


A vibrant and tropical taste, with a touch of natural sweetness!

So Calgary, if you were planning on picking up some refreshing bevvies for the long weekend, or simply finding a new go-to staple cocktail to turn to, And Soda Beverages is definitely not one to skip over. 

In addition to a taste that rivals any top sellers on the market, grabbin’ an And Soda means supporting a locally-based business right here in Calgary! That’s a win-win if you ask us.
Stock up for the long weekend at a liquor store near you!