The dispatch company E-Comm, which handles practically all of the 911 calls in BC, has released a roundup of the worst reasons people used the service in 2020. And, well, some of them are downright ridiculous. At least the folks there are taking it in stride, and willing to share the list with us.

After all, we’ve all briefly thought about calling when we absolutely should not. We just didn’t think any actual adults would follow through and get the police involved if, let’s say, UberEats was taking too long. Turns out, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Here are the 10 reasons not to call 911 this year:

  1. Complaining that their food delivery driver did not deliver their meal
  2. Enquiring if there is a full lockdown for COVID-19
  3. Wondering if having a trampoline is illegal during COVID-19
  4. Asking for assistance to apply for CERB
  5. Complaining that the mattress they had purchased second hand was more soiled than advertised
  6. Reporting that their bank card was stuck in the ATM
  7. Reporting their neighbour for smoking in a non-smoking building
  8. Enquiring about how to enter a career in law enforcement
  9. Confirming the time
  10. Asking for help because they were locked out of their car

While some of these are plausible (like phoning about a neighbour smoking) others are not so much. Who dares to call 911 to see if the local police department is hiring? It screams prank call, and yet, we can imagine it was done in earnest.

To check out the full writeup on the worst 911 calls in BC during 2020, just click here!