Real estate in BC is always interesting. And what could be more interesting than taking a look at the hottest suburban markets in the province?

A recent report by RE/MAX has put together some of the places in the province that people have been flocking to lately. And you might be surprised by what makes the list.

The number one hottest suburban market in the province is Burnaby. This is probably due to its closeness to Vancouver and relatively inexpensive prices. Well, inexpensive compared to Vancouver proper, that is.

The second hottest market suburban market in BC right now is in Surrey. It’s seeing some of the biggest demand for single-family detached homes and townhouses in almost 100 years!

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Two other areas close to Vancouver, Richmond, and Langley, have both made the list at numbers 3 and 4! Both markets are on the up, despite the crazy year we’ve had. According to RE/MAX, the latter might even not have enough homes to keep up with the demand in 2021.

Last on the list at number five is Kelowna. This is unsurprising as it’s one of the biggest population centres in the province. It’s been continually growing for the last little bit so maybe we’ll see it move up the list this time next year. Plus, it sure is hard to beat that Okanagan sun.

The housing market always seems to be a roller coaster, so it’s good to know some places are on the upwards!

Check out the full report on the hottest suburban markets in BC right here.