Doing a little job searching? You’re not alone. Thanks to the ongoing global pandemic, it’s no secret that a ton of Canadians lost their jobs. And now, as the country slowly reopens its economy, many people are on the hunt for new employment. Although things are by no means back to normal, thankfully overall, Canada has seen a bit of a rebound in terms of employment rates. But since every province and city was hit a little differently, these rates vary from place to place.

According to a new study from BMO Economics, the cities that are doing the best include Moncton, New Brunswick; Ottawa, Ontario; and Abbotsford, British Columbia. These are the spots at the top of the list of overall rank in terms of employment rates by population. So if you’re looking for a new place to plant your roots, maybe start there!

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Quebec City and Saguenay in Quebec, and Windsor, Ontario take the lowest spots for cities. It seems that Quebec was the province hardest hit by COVID-19 unemployment. But, Alberta and Ontario have had more trouble getting back to work.

So, let this list be your guide on your next job search! You can find the full rankings and the official report right here.