You know those people who spend the snow season skiing, snowboarding, camping and doing other outdoorsy stuff? We can’t be the only ones with them on our holiday gift list. And we certainly can’t be the only ones wondering how it’s so easy and yet so daunting to shop for them.

It’s easy because our search is narrowed down to outdoor gear. It’s daunting because navigating our way through outdoor gear harbours on the other extreme from easy, at least for us newbies. Besides, with all that intimidating gear they already have, it’s hard to pick something they’ll need or like.

So, we did the only logical thing there was to do− call in the experts. Thanks to pro sporters at Mountain Equipment Company (MEC), we now have a curated list of the best outdoor gear for the holiday season.

mec gifts
Photos via MEC

Now, you obviously know that MEC is a go-to store for all things outdoors, irrespective of the sport or the season. From hikers, bikers, campers to snow-shoers, skiers and snowboarders, they’ve got outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and skills covered. But here’s what you might not know− MEC has more to offer than just a large assortment of quality outdoor gear. They also bring their intense passion and unparalleled knowledge of the outdoor world to the table.

And when we say they are enthusiastic about all things outdoorsy, we mean the infectious kind of enthusiasm. Heck, they got us to plan a snowshoeing trip ourselves and we are super sedentary. So, that’s a huge deal! But most importantly, they solved our gifting troubles with this list of the best outdoor gear.

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Photos via MEC

Below are 8 gifts every adventure-lover will cherish. Check it out!

#1 Indoor booties

Lugging around heavy snow boots cannot be fun or comfortable for anyone. Why not gift your adventure junkie a soothing relief with this warm and cozy pair of unisex MEC Hut Booties?

MEC Hut Booties

Price: $79.95

#2 A stylish Parka

Outdoor enthusiast or not, a good fit parka made of responsibly sourced duck down and waterproof-breathable materials is something every woman can use. Whether it is to enjoy the cold, wet outdoors or for everyday commute, it makes for a great addition to any winter wardrobe.

MEC Great Northern Down Parka

Price: $399.95

#3 A comfy Baselayer

This is another practical investment, whether you want to gift it to an adventure-lover or add a little comfort to your own winter attire. And MEC’s comfy, sim-fit and quick-dry baselayer is a gamechanger.

MEC Peak Comfort AirGrid Warm Long Sleeve Baselayer for Men

Price: $69.99

#4 Ski Gloves

When it comes to an excellent pair of gloves there can never be too many, not if they are being used on the regular as in the case of skiers, snowboarders and even the one-off winter runners on your holiday list.

MEC Glide XC Midweight Gloves – Unisex

Price: $39.95

#5 Sleeping Pad

For the campers in your life, there’s no better gift than a good night’s sleep. And MEC’s insulated air pad is going to give them just that. Plus, it packs tiny, so it’s pretty easy to carry around.

MEC VectAir Insulated Sleeping Pad

Price: $109.95 – $139.95

#6 Travel Chair

Let your loved ones enjoy the comforts of a camper van or indoor seating while being where they love to be− by the fireside at a campsite. A travel chair that doesn’t push you down to the ground is always in demand and so is MEC’s Joey Chair.

Travel Chair Joey Chair

Price: $103.94

#7 Travel Coffee Press

Just because someone’s outdoors, doesn’t mean they still can’t enjoy their fave cuppa morning joe. And so, a travel coffee press is a perfect gift for lovers of both, the great outdoors and great coffee.

Aeropress Go Travel Coffee Press

Price: $44.95

#8 Travel Water filter system

No matter what adventure your outdoor junkie friend is up to, they are sure to get plenty of use out of a water filter system. More so if it happens to be MEC’s small-to-pack, easy-to-carry filter system that has 4L of clean water ready in under 3 minutes. Cool, eh?

Platypus GravityWorks 4.0L Filter System

Price: $145.95

That was the end of our list! Grab these gifts online, or visit your local store to chat with one of their many experienced staff to help you navigate their rich inventory of gear, no matter your price point & make sure to get it on time!