Santa Claus may not be real but elves are, and now you can learn all about them from the comfort of your own living room through the official Iceland Elf School in Reykjavik.

For 33 years, Iceland’s Elf School staff and headmaster Magnus Skarphedinsson, have seen locals and tourists from all over the world apply, smile, learn and graduate; however, because of the travel restrictions, the ‘campus’ has seen far fewer students in 2020 than year’s past.

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Before the pandemic. classes typically took place on Friday afternoons, cost about $82 CAD, and regularly lasted for about 3 to 4 hours. Each session included tea and pancakes as a snack, stories, and access to documents detailing several encounters – all of which were collected by Skarphedinsson.

Unfortunately, those interested won’t be sent breakfast or even a single bag of earl grey- but will be sent their handbook via snail-mail (these guys are old school). Each book includes information on various sightings and the lure surrounding these mythical creatures… that apparently look nothing like Will Ferrell or his fellow Elf castmates. We’ve been fed lies, folks.

You see, in Iceland, they take Elves seriously. In fact, 54% of their population believe that they exist so if there’s any place in the world where you’d learn a thing or two about em’ it’s through these guys.

For more information on the Iceland Elf School check out their website and read more on these “particularity fascinating” beings and their courses. Enjoy folks!