Looking for the ultimate holiday experience? A converted garage might just be your best bet. Sounds crazy right? Well Otis and Sparky Kringle and ready to helo you have the most magical holiday yet at Kringles Filling Station.

These two brothers come from a “long line of tinkerers, mechanics, engineers, and craftsmen whose family history and North Pole roots date back centuries.” They also happen to work for Hotopp Creative Studio. They’re an award-winning Seattle-based entertainment design firm specializing in attractions, experiences, and live events. So you know it’s going to be good with no details spared.

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kringles filling station
Photo via Kringles Filling Station

So what can you do at Kringles Filling Station? The answer is a whole lot. You can snap a holiday photo of your entire crew with Otis and Sparky in a one-of-a-kind sleigh or play Christmas Ski-Ball and belt your heart out to Holiday Karaoke. And when you’re burnt you can kick back and relax with a cup of hot chocolate from one of their very special gas pumps.

Expect to see characters decked out in classic costumes as well as a converted garage full of old-timey decorations. It’s a perfectly retro Christmas experience that you won’t soon forget. And best of all, Otis and Sparky finished up their hard work early this year which means you can visit the filling station starting today, November 26th. If you’re ready to visit you can click below to learn more.

Kringles Filling Station

When: November 26th-December 24th
Where: 8211 Aurora Avenue North
Cost: $10+ per person