When you’ve got Amazon moving in, you know that other companies will be clamouring over each other for a piece of that sweet, sweet logistical pie. Well, one new face has emerged victorious at The Post building in downtown Vancouver, and they’re creating an entire food hall! Here’s the scoop.

Yesterday the developer of The Post, QuadReal, put out a press release saying they had found a partner for the concept. And, the Metro Vancouver company Joseph Richard Group was chosen for the massive food hall. JRG has a variety of brands under its belt, including Townhall Public House and S+L Kitchen & Bar.

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The diverse menus were probably a large factor in them getting the opportunity. The 26,000 square foot food hall will have a mixture of sit-down and takeout brands. And, it will be alongside other retail spaces like a Loblaws City Market and a Deville Coffee.

Unfortunately, this new food hall won’t be opening until 2023 at the earliest. But, it’s nice to see that The Post won’t just be tons of Amazon offices and nothing else. For more info on this ambitious new development in Vancouver, just click here!