There’s only one thing that we love more than getting dolled up to go out and that’s when there’s a dress code! From pearls and cowboy boots to Hawaiian shirts and camo – spots that can completely immerse you into a time and a place with ambiance, music, or a cohesive menu get a 10/10 from us, and we are spoiled for choice. From movies to historical events here are 7 of the most creatively themed bars in Calgary.



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A spot that we can only describe as embodying ‘wartime chic,’ Shelter is heavily influenced by pre-probation and the post-apocalyptic aesthetic. With incredible cocktails and unusual decor, this place is one of the coolest-looking bars in the entire city.

Where: 1210 1 St SW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @shelter.yyc



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Need a vacation? A trip to Ricardo’s Hideaway just off 17th Avenue might be what you need. With warm decor, guests are encouraged to leave their worries at the door, take a seat and enjoy a tropical sip, tasty appetizers, and good music.

Where: 1530 5 St SW, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @ricardosyyc



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At Calgary’s only Harry Potter-themed bar, it doesn’t matter how good you are with a wand everyone is welcome to experience the magic of Hogwarts. From their butterbeer and ‘goblet of fire’ cocktails to a delightful unicorn’s blood elixir – this is by far one of the most enchanting concepts in Calgary.

Where: 1211 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Instagram: @the.potionroom


Nothing is cozier than a dark room, soft chairs, and the smokey scent of bourbon! Next time you need to escape the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, climb through Betty Lou’s secret bookcase entrance and enjoy an evening of soft jazz music and bold 20s glamour.

Where: The Devenish Building, 908 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
Instagram: @bettylouslibary



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Located in a Chinatown basement, you’ll find another beach-themed speakeasy – Calgary’s Paper Lantern. With a variety of Vietnamese tapas, subs, bowls, and a super unique, tropically inclined drink menu – here you can practically trick your tastebuds into thinking you’re on vacation.

Where: Basement – 115 – 2 Avenue SE, Calgary
Instagram: @paperlanteryyc


With decor that was clearly inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of the Stephen King novel The Shining, The Wednesday Room is a favourite among Calgary movie lovers. In addition to this, they’ve also got a menu that calls back to several films including Sweeney Todd, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Pans Labyrinth. Check it out!

Where:  100-118 8th Avenue SW, Calgary
Instagram: @thewednesdayroom


With decor inspired by the ever-so-vibrant 1988 Olympics – which were held here in Calgary, Inglewood’s 88 Brewing Co., is bright, bold, and known for serving incredible beer. They love YYC and we love them just the same!   

Where: 1070 – 2600 Portland St. SE, Calgary
Instagram: @eightyeightbrewingco

And there you have it, friends! 7 themed bars in Calgary worth checking out – which one will you head to first?