Feeling a little healthier than usual this week, Canada? Maybe it’s just the spring air, but we’re ready to explore the launch of Vejii, the world’s largest digital vegan marketplace, and see if anything strikes our fancy! Curious about it? Keep on reading, friends.

Having launched November of last year in America, Vejii soon became a one-stop shop for delicious vegan products. And these days, they have over 2,000 different brands listed on there, from meat alternatives to delicious desserts.

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And, instead of opening the floodgates, they’re easing into Canada. Rather than wading through the entire collection, Vejii will be offering the bestsellers in America to kick things off. Luckily, that still means hundreds, if not thousands (we didn’t bother counting) of items to explore.

And, you can start exploring by clicking this link! Enjoy your plant-based shopping spree, folks!