Here’s a fun fact, folks! Turns out, a town just south of Winnipeg, Manitoba is officially the home of the World’s Largest Snow Maze. Let’s check out the story behind the gargantuan ‘A Maze In Snow’ attraction in Saint Adolphe, Manitoba.

For years now, the summer attraction, A Maze In Corn (good puns, to be honest) attracted people from all over the region. But back in 2019 another idea was born- take that same space and turns it into an incredible snow maze. Well, they completed their mission.

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And in doing so, they earned the Guinness World Record for it. Their first maze measured a whopping 2,789.11 square metres. Or, just a shade over 30,000 square feet. What’s more, they’ve almost doubled the size of it this year!

That’s because they’re trying to adhere to Manitoba’s guidelines, since they’re currently not allowed to operate. Unfortunately, they seem to be caught in the limbo between a major attraction and a simple outdoor activity.

Well, here’s hoping that they get the green light and can operate safely! We want to see some crazy Instagram stories, preferably referencing The Shining.

For more information on the World’s Largest Snow Maze, just click here.