It’s been a tough few weeks all across BC, there’s no doubt about it. But, hearing that the Vancouver Whitecaps have decided to host a friendly match in the new year, with all net proceeds going to BC flood relief, was a welcome little bit of news.

While more details are getting released next year, the Whitecaps have said that they will be hosting a match, somewhere in the Fraser Valley. The date of the match has yet to be released, but the schedule they currently have points towards some time in late January or earlier February.

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As part of the announcement, the Whitecaps also said that they had made cash donations to United Way and Red Cross to help out with flood relief right now. Whether those will remain the picks for the actual match, or new picks will be made, has yet to be announced.

Whatever the case, we’re happy that sports fans will be able to cheer on their hometown team, and in support of their fellow communities around BC. We’ll keep you updated as more details come out!