Oh hey there, bud, and welcome back to, “only in Canada.” Despite the COVID chaos, vaccine banter, and holiday uncertainty, there is still a lot to giggle and snort over. Don’t believe us? Just ask those passing through the mountain town of Jasper, Alberta where officials have recently had some issues with tourist/wildlife interactions.

This may or may not be news to you, but moose really love the taste of salt and they’ve been getting their fix by actually licking the vehicles of locals and guests.

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From tires to windshields and even rearview mirrors, these 800-pound mammals have been spotted all over the place with their tongues on cars, trucks, and buses. Now, as you can imagine, this has become a bit of an issue for those living in Jasper.

If moose regularly come into Jasper looking for a snack, they could get hit by someone driving around, or because moose typically stand their ground if they feel threatened, they could become a danger to those on foot.

In order to prevent this from becoming a bigger problem than it is already, the town has begun to take a few steps in order to warn and educate the public. For example, digital signs in Jasper reading “do not let moose lick your car” have been posted and they have been telling people on social media to drive around or by them, if they’re seen approaching.

In conclusion – don’t let wild animals get a taste of your vehicle. Also, when in Jasper don’t be concerned or confused when and if you see one of their super strange signs. They really are doing their best…. although we do think a little context on those bad boys probably wouldn’t hurt.