Whether you’re in the middle of a six-month-long DnD campaign or struggle to remember the rules for Checkers, chances are high that you’ve heard of the Storm Crow Alehouse. Alongside the (also now closed) Tavern, the Alehouse made its name as Vancouver’s very own ‘nerd bar’.

So naturally, we were pretty bummed to see that the Storm Crow Alehouse will soon be now more, with an official statement coming out over the weekend. And while the Storm Crow name will continue to live on in Toronto, we must admit that it’s the end of a seriously fun chapter for our city.

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But, there is a silver lining to be had for fans of the very unique spot. In an effort to raise money as thanks to their staff, the Alehouse has launched an online auction, selling some of the memorabilia and props that made them such a memorable place to visit.

We won’t lie about it- we’re thinking of bidding on a couple of pieces ourselves. Because after all, who wouldn’t want a Mario version of Vancouver’s train map, or a massive, Norse-mythology-inspired pepper grinder? It’s these touches that will have your spot be the place to be for board game night.

The Storm Crow Alehouse closing auction will be running for the next few days. And, for those that want to visit one last time, the official closing date is set for January 16th! Go have some fun before it shuts down!