On Wednesday night, the Vancouver Park Board voted to bring back the somewhat controversial Stanley Park bike lane that was introduced last summer. This year, the Park Board is hoping to install the bike lane as soon as possible, and it will be there until October 31st, which is months longer than last time.

The decision was based on a survey of some 11,000 Vancouver residents. In the survey, the majority of respondents (66%) said they were in favour of ‘some sections of road space dedicated to cyclists’.

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On the flip side, only 47% of respondents said that the park was better with a dedicated bike lane. Weirdly, 18% of respondents picked ‘other’ as their answer to the question. That’s confusing for us, since the 3 options were ‘better’, ‘worse’ and ‘no different’. How else does one respond to a question like that?

Anyway, this survey has motivated the Park Board to reinstate the temporary Stanley Park bike lane. We’re fans of the plan, so long as the park remains accessible for all who want to visit it. To check out the actual motion of the decision, click here.