Get ready folks because summer is about to get a whole lot tastier. Wondering why? Well, it looks like the largest night market in North America is returning once again. That’s right folks, you’ll be able to nosh on all your faves at the Richmond Night Market this summer.

The market’s website has issued this simple statement:

“We are so excited and happy to welcome the re-opening plan in B.C. The Richmond Night Market is looking forward to open and rediscover the joy of summer with you soon! We would like to create new memories with all visitors and vendors!”

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In addition to this update, the Night Market recently made a Facebook post claiming they will return as early as mid-July. That’s just a few short weeks away! Maybe less! Woah, could we really be stuffing our faces with delicious food that soon? We sure hope so.

As you probably remember the market normally runs from May-October. So maybe this year we’ll see a market running from July-December. Can you imagine a Richmond Night Market with a Christmas spin? Could be kinda fun if you ask us. Either way, be sure to check back with us for more updates. If you’d like to learn more you can click here.