Did you miss the northern lights earlier this month? Well, you’re in luck because in a rare occurrence it looks like you’ll be able to see them again this weekend thanks to a Geomagnetic Storm. Here’s how to catch a glimpse.

There is currently a G3 storm watch for October 30th which means that the Earth’s magnetic field is unsettled due to storms on the sun. While this storm is strong it’s not something to be afraid of but it may cause some technical issues on earth like voltage irregularities. That being said it means we have yet another chance to see the northern lights or aurora borealis.

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According to The Seattle Times, the best time to catch the aurora borealis will be early Saturday (October 30th) morning between 4 am-6 am and between sunset Saturday and 3 am Sunday (October 31st). Now keep in mind city light will interfere with visibility so try to find as dark a spot as possible and look to the north close to the horizon.

Keep in mind that because this is a weather forecast things could change or the lights might not be visible. Regardless, it’s a great thing to keep in mind because who knows when we’ll get to see these stunning lights again. Happy Halloween folks!