There was a lot of scuttlebutt yesterday about whether or not the NHL and the NHLPA would be backing out of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Well, after a day of hot Twitter takes and reports, the NHL has officially announced that players will not be attending.

The news came through a statement from the NHLPA Executive Director, Don Fehr. In it, he basically says that due to the recent postponing of regular-season games, the previously-scheduled Olympic break will now be needed to make those up. This, of course, is done in the hopes of a return to a full 82-game season, which hasn’t happened since 2018-2019 (woah).

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And, while we’re sad that we won’t get to see Crosby and McDavid (as well as all the other Canadian hockey superstars) light it up together, this move has been written on the wall for a while. Heck, even Spittin’ Chiclets was talking about it as early as last week (before the official reports). Now, with any luck, the next time NHL players will be in the Olympics will be 2026.

In the meanwhile, the World Juniors are still moving forward as planned (at least, schedule-wise). So, if you’re looking to see Canadian talent on display, that’s going to be your best bet over the holidays. Stay safe out there, folks!