If you’re a fan of Christmas movies then you need no introduction to Home Alone. But today, a brand new reboot of the classic film is getting released titled Home Sweet Home Alone. What’s more, it was shot here in Canada and there are a few locations you can visit in real life.

The new Home Sweet Home Alone follows a similar plot as the original film. A young boy, this time named Max, is accidentally left at home as his family leaves for Christmas vacation. Like the original, he gets to enjoy all the fun things life has to offer sans parents but has to contend with some sneaky burglars.

As you would expect with a 2021 reboot, Max’s defense tactics are a little more modern but equally as MacGyver-esque as the original.

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Now if you happen to live in Montreal or are planning a visit to the city soon, there are a few key locations from the film that you can visit. Café Terrasse 1957 in Longueuil became “The Dark Roast Cafe” for the film and you can visit it to have a drink or eats. Also located in Longueuil is Marché de Noël which became “The Winnetka Traditional Christmas Fair” in the film.

If you’re familiar with Montreal and its surrounding neighborhoods we’re sure you’ll recognize at least a few other locations, as the city was used for establishing shots according to HITC.

Psst Vancouver folks, the 604 was also used to recreate Chicago. When it comes to the main house featured in the trailer it looks like it could be located in the Mount Royal or Westmount neighborhoods, but its official location has not been disclosed.

Until more locations are disclosed or discovered by film sleuths you can take your shot at naming locations by watching the film when it drops today November 12th on Disney+. And if you really can’t wait you can check out some pics of filming here.