Part of what makes Canada such a great country, are the many uniquely Canadian species that inhabit it. We used to think that the Canada goose, or the beaver, or even the moose were the most Canadian animals. But did you know that there are actually over 300 species unique to our country? You learn something new every day, huh?

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just put together a list of Canadian species. And they range from things like wood bison and Peary caribou to the Pacific Steller’s jay and the Maritime ringlet butterfly. From adorable mammals to majestic birds to everything in between. And they all only exist in Canada.

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Canadian speciesSo why does a list like this matter? Other than to brag about the cool species our country is home to. Well, because they’re uniquely Canadian species, that means it’s Canada’s responsibility to protect them from extinction. And the sad fact is, only 10% of them are currently considered “globally secure.”

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is committed to working toward protect these species. And you should be too! If you’d like to check out the full list or learn more about the Nature Conservancy’s efforts, you can check out their website here.