Are you curious about which Canadian companies are doing the most to be as inclusive as they can be? Then the recently published list of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2021 should be right up your alley. However, we can’t pretend things are all sunshine and lollipops. More on that in a second.

First off, the list represents the top 70 employers in either the public or private sector. The editorial competition look at things like hiring practices, employee support (like scholarships, workshops, etc..) and community partnerships, among other factors. Both private and public and employers were considered. So, Manulife is on the list, but so is the City of Vancouver.

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And, all of the employers listed are definitely moving forward on inclusive practices. We definitely aren’t here to deny that Canada is a great place to start a career, relatively speaking. However, a recent national report, featuring some of the companies listed, shows that more needs to be done.

It’s called ‘The Zero Report’, and it came out on February 23rd. Basically, the report looks at the representation of women in leadership, executive or ‘pipeline’ roles. And while things actually improved in 2020, the full picture still shows that we have a ways to go.

So, we suggest that you check out The Zero Report first, then move on to the list of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers. Before you know it, you’ll be talking about progressive hiring practices and related issues til the cows come home!