When you’re lost in the darkness, look for a bite… to eat. Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us has shattered records and inspired everything from merch, fan fiction and a hit TV show, but now they can add ‘restaurant’ to the list!

Set to open in Edmonton this May, David’s will be the very first eatery of its kind and you’re going to want to sink your teeth into it as soon as they let the light in!

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Despite being named after the show’s cannibalistic villain, David’s will actually have a pleasant 5-star menu, ultra-realistic clicker waitstaff, impressive floor-to-ceiling decor and even a collection of memorabilia including Tess’s lighter, clothing and the ear from episode 8.

From Frank’s strawberry fondue and mushroom risotto to elevated Boyardee ravioli and a wide range of gluten-free options (for those who are intolerant or just swore off flour after watching the series) each item is themed, locally sourced and made with love.


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The only exception? Their ‘mystery meat chilli,” which we’re hoping is just venison.

If, of course, you’re willing to brave a forkful, but need something to wash it down with – they’ve also got an impressive wine list even Bill would approve of.

As we mentioned, however – those interested won’t get to check it out in their respective cities until later this spring, but don’t miss it!

“You never know who might show up to a grand opening,” hinted Jolie Wiler, owner of David’s and a video game superfan.

Get ready and stay hungry, Alberta! It’s going to be good!


When: Saturday, May 13th, 2023
Where: TBA
Instagram: @davidsedmonton


And also, April Fools’ Day!