Following rumours swirling about the NHL maybe playing some preseason games at Lake Tahoe, the league has confirmed that 2 games will take place during the regular season. The 2-game series is dubbed ‘NHL Outdoors’, and it looks absolutely spectacular. Here’s a quick rundown.

Rather than playing on the lake itself, the games will be held along the southern shore. Frankly, the waterfront setting looks even cooler than if it actually happened on the lake. At least, assuming the actual rink will be similar to their renderings.

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The Las Vegas Golden Knights and the Colorado Avalanche will be the first two teams to face off. Then, the Boston Bruins take on the Philadelphia Flyers the day after. We had no plans for the weekend of February 20th, and it looks like we just found them! Nice.

Now, all we have to do is wait for the Canadian equivalent to happen. Maybe the Flames and the Oilers can duke it out at Lake Louise. Heck, fly the Maple Leafs to the mountaintop lakes outside Whistler, like a few Canucks players got to do near the end of 2020.

Whatever happens, we’ll be waiting!