We don’t mean to kick off your 2021 with some sad news, Alberta – but we thought you should know. Like you guys, we’re a big fan of the Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise. Every year, we look forwards to wandering the sky-high ice sculptures, having a hot chocolate at the ice bar and then taking a skate around the rink, but there’s been a change of plans.

Unfortunately, due to what we can only assume was COVID interference, the province’s chilliest event has been postponed until 2022. But, if you do find yourself out at Lake Louise, you can still check out the stunning ice castle in the image above.

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Although this sucks, it’s important to remind you guys that this is probably for the best! Ice Magic will be back next year and it’ll be better than ever, so chin up. There’s still a ton of fun to be had until the snow melts and honestly, we think that might be sooner rather than later… if we’re lucky!

Here’s to next year, the delayed but never forgotten Ice Magic Festival, the vaccine, and to those who are staying safe and doing their part to end this thing! We’ve got this!