We have an important question for you. What’s better than booze and mini-golf?

We won’t wait for you to respond because we know the answer and so does Chinatown’s Keefer Bar. That’s right, they’ve just opened up the mini-golf centred “Keefer Yard” in the vacant lot next to their bar. Quick game of skins, anyone?

The vacant lot beside Keefer Bar has been fenced off and made into a delightful little zone dedicated to the wonders of boozy slushies, beer, and, of course, mini-golf. Perfect for an afternoon on the links, without the 6-hour commitment.

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For a small fee, which is donated to a rotating list of charities, you can hang out in the lot, play some mini-golf, and, more importantly, drink. This week donations will be going to the Hogan’s Alley Society. A great first cause!

Of course, there are extensive social distancing rules for the area. A limited number of people will be allowed in the lot as well as only a few small groups allowed on the putting green at a time. But hey, we should be used to rules like this by now, right?

Whether you go or not, it’s great to see a Vancouver business get creative and give us bar-goers a chance to enjoy a bit of normalcy. See you down there, folks!

The Keefer Yard

Hours: Weather dependent
Where: 137 Keefer Street