There are no days off for the people of Twitter. No matter the time or topic, these folks never cease to amaze us with their outrageous takes, hard-to-answer questions and “philosophical” advice. Today in, what could just be the debate of the year, Twitter-literates are taking on something so controversial that for one of the first times ever, we’re afraid to even share our opinion. Which province is the Florida of Canada?

The whole thing started when an American Epidemiologist and Health Economist named Eric Feigl-Ding called BC the Florida of Canada in a tweet regarding COVID responses. After that, well, Canadians had their opinions.

Now, we’re sure all of you are already aware, but just so we’re all on the same page, this is by no means a complimentary award. Florida is certainly not all beaches and yachts, and while it’s got tons of wonderful people and places, in the world of the internet it’s primarily known for bizarre news stories and wild people doing unthinkable things.

For example… open another tab right now. Go to Google, type in your birth month and date, followed by “Florida man.” We’ll wait…

Now, with your findings in mind, please enjoy or strongly disagree with what the people of Twitter had to say.

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Wow, Hot takes.

In all seriousness, though, we sincerely believe that no province will ever be able to truly out-Florida, Florida – but what do you guys think?

Do you think Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Quebec, Ontario or somewhere else comes close? Let us know in the comments what province you think is THE Florida of Canada.