While we’ve known about the design for a while, it was nice to see Twitter catch on to Team Canada’s closing ceremony outfit for the Olympics in Tokyo this summer. Why? Because the centrepiece is a very interesting take on a Canadian classic, the jean jacket.

Back when the design was released, Hudson’s Bay said that it was inspired by the street style of Tokyo. So, naturally, it is plastered in ‘street’ graphics reminiscent of graffiti culture. Now, have we ever seen graffiti like this outside of comic books or suburban high schools? No, but maybe we’re not looking in the right places.

The reactions weren’t all bad though, with some users (correctly) pointing out the originality of the concept. Usually, the closing ceremonies look like an annual regatta at the local yacht club, so we can appreciate that Canada went with a different idea this go around.

We just wish they would have consulted with, oh, we don’t know, Canada’s newly formed Olympics skateboarding team for some help with the graphics. If you’re after street style, that’s always the easiest place to start.

Well, regardless of what they’re wearing after, we can’t wait to support our national athletes later this summer!