As you’ve probably heard, Squamish Nation has been planning to create a new neighbourhood along False Creek. And now we have confirmation of the project, Sen̓áḵw, breaking ground later this year. So in the future, you can expect to see 12 new towers and 6,000 units lining the area. It’s going to be one heck of a site.


Sen̓áḵw is a co-development with Westbrook and spans 11.6 acres. The new project will cost $3 billion dollars and will be the largest development in Canada on First Nations land. So as you can see, this is a big deal.

After all, it will change Vancouver’s skyline with twelve buildings ranging in height from 11 to 59 stories. But what’s extra cool about the 6,000 new residential units is that the majority will be rentals and not condos.

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And the newest addition to this project is an office tower which is expected to be filled by the new neighbourhood residents. So we’re super excited to see the ways in which this project continues to develop. And after a few design changes, the buildings are looking amazing with their facade covered in Indigenous art. We have a feeling Revery architecture firm will do a great job.

If you’d like to learn more about Sen̓áḵw you can click here. We’re excited to welcome much-needed affordable housing to the city as well as a refresher when it comes to the cities architecture. And we can’t wait to watch this project break ground!