Heads up, active Vancouverites! According to the latest report, it’s looking like the Grouse Grind will be opening for the summer later this spring. The Grind has been closed since early December of last year, when ice and snow made it unsafe to try and get up the mountain.

Luckily, the Metro Van Parks Committee is hoping to have it up and running by mid-May this year. There’s also going to be work done on the nearby BCMC Trail this summer, so we’re expecting higher numbers than ever on the challenging trail. As long as people are respecting public health restrictions, we say eat your heart out!

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Alongside a handful of other attractions, the Grouse Grind is firmly on the list of ‘bucket-list’ activities in Vancouver. While some of the more devoted residents might try and challenge various records set for the trail, we’re definitely more of a ‘just try and get to the top’ type of climber.

But hey, either’s fine! And hopefully, both kinds of outdoor enthusiasts will be back on Vancouver’s most famous trail sooner rather than later. For more info, stay tuned via the Grouse Mountain Resort website.