Did you know Ontario is home to a natural underground pool with crystal-clear waters and dramatic caves? The Grotto is one of the most popular and scenic destinations in the province and you’ll find it at the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

According to Parks Canada, this scenic park is home to towering cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment, stunning blue waters of Georgian Bay and world famous hiking. But its showstopper is none other than The Grotto.

Hundreds of thousands of people visit The Grotto each year for its mesmerizing turquoise water and intricate cave structures, according to Explore The Bruce.

This hot spot was also named one of the few underground swimming pools in the world where you can float in a subterranean body of water.

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Though it’s a three hours drive north of Toronto, it’s worth the trip. But to get to The Grotto part of the park, you’ll have to park your car in the Cyprus Lake Road entrance parking lot.

Reservations are required prior to your arrival until the fall season, which allows you to park for a maximum of four hours.

You’ll then embark on 45-minute hike past ancient trees, cliff edges, and wild orchids.

The Grotto, a cave carved from ancient limestone and filled with turquoise blue waters of Georgian Bay awaits.

After your lovely day spent at The Grotto, also make sure to visit Indian Head Cove, Singing Sands Beach, and Little Cove Beach.

Bruce Peninsula National Park is quite a long distance from Toronto and during the busy season, parking spots book up very quickly so make sure to plan ahead.

The Grotto at The Bruce Peninsula National Park

Where: Tobermory, ON N0H 2R0