It’s hard to believe that the contest to decide Canada’s Best Restroom is now over a decade old. And yet, year after year, we get to see new, beautiful, and downright zany restrooms across the country. That trend has continued into 2021, and now, it’s time to check out this year’s finalists!

Basically, a whole bunch of public restrooms were submitted back in March. There are a couple of basic rules, like the restroom being open to the public, and the owner of the restroom agreeing to be entered. Now, the 5 finalists this year have been picked, and public voting begins! Here’s who made the cut.

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Surrey Park in Surrey, British Columbia

surrey park
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Borden Park in Edmonton, Alberta

borden park best restroom canada
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Sweet Market Esso Station in Red Deer, Alberta

sweet market
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The ROOFTOP in Calgary, Alberta

canada's best restroom
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Toronto Zoo in Toronto, Ontario

toronto zoo canada's best restroom
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Fun fact- in addition to having the majority of spots in this year’s roundup, Alberta has actually taken the last three years straight in this contest. One reason for this is that people can vote an unlimited number of times. So, if you’re devoted, there’s no reason why you couldn’t single-handedly win this if you were devoted. However, keep in mind that using software or other programs to vote for you is against contest rules.

And, what does the winner get? A fitting prize, of course. Cintas, the sponsor of the contest, will dish out a $2,500 gift card for buying relevant products. Basically, it’s like a free year of keeping your award-winning bathroom spick and span.

If you’ve got some serious opinions on which spot deserves to be crowned Canada’s Best Restroom this year, then vote for your favourite right here!