The saga for finding the new name for the EE Football Team is nearing an end. Today, the team announced a final shortlist of potential names and is asking for the public to pick one. Here’s a quick recap of the situation.

Last summer, the team decided to drop the ‘Edmonton Eskimos’ name, following significant public and corporate pressure. That was in July, although the call for submissions didn’t start until November of last year. Nevertheless, the team saw thousands of submissions.

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And, they’ve managed to get the list down to 7 potential names. They are:

  • Edmonton Elk
  • Edmonton Evergreens
  • Edmonton Evergolds
  • Edmonton Eclipse
  • Edmonton Elkhounds
  • Edmonton Eagles
  • Edmonton Elements

Personally, we like the Edmonton Elk name the best (our pick, the Edmonton Evangels, is obviously ahead of its time). No timeframe is given for how long the survey will be up. So, we’re suggesting getting your say in sooner rather than later!

To submit your pick for the new EE Football Team name, just click here. Enjoy the day, folks!