Well, folks, National Ice Cream Day is just around the corner. And that means it’s time to treat yourself to your favourite frozen dessert. But before you do that we thought we’d share some data on Canada’s favourite ice creams.

Thanks to Google Trends, we have a little glimpse into what kind of ice cream Canadians like best. It turns out the answer is pretty Vanilla. Yep, the most searched Ice Cream flavour by province was Vanilla. And the other 3 top contenders were Chocolate, Oreo, and Avocado.

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national ice cream day

It turns out citizens of Markham, Ontario search for ice cream the most. And Vancouver came in at number 5 being beaten by Coquitlam at number 3. So clearly Vancouver needs to up its desire for ice cream. And branch out a bit as the most searched ice cream flavour in all of Canada was Banana.

national ice cream day

So on July 19th be sure to get out there and buy yourself some ice cream. And this year consider trying a new flavour. After all, we should all venture further than Vanilla ice cream. We know you can do it. Happy National Ice Cream Day!