Whether it was coffee or comfy apparel, many used the time that they had over the last two years to find and pursue what they’re most passionate about. From Instashops to marketing, they’ve turned their interests into businesses – but are now on the hunt for a storefront and we’ve got just the place – especially if you’re into old ghost stories!

According to CBC, the City of Calgary is looking for a new tenant to occupy the unique and historic Fire Hall No.6 on Memorial Drive, which was built back in the 1900s and hasn’t actually been used for its intended purpose since the ’60s.

With a prime location, a mysterious history, a gorgeous view of the Bow River, and a one-of-a-kind look, the city hopes to fill the space that’s they’ve spent the last 6 years refurbishing.

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From reinforcing walls to upgrading the interior, they’ve been working since 2015 to create a safe location where shoppers, diners, and clients are welcome and will enjoy their experience.

Of course, whoever moves in will still have to do some work to make it their own, but they hope that by the summer of 2022, Fire Hall No. 6 in Calgary will be alive and bustling – unlike the ghost that’s rumored to roam the halls – though we’re sure that’s all it is. Just a rumor.

According to the city, there have been some reports over the years of a mysterious bell ringing somewhere in the building, as well as horses whinnying and the sound of hooves on the cement floor.

It’s unclear as to where these stories originated from – but the city has confirmed that in the early century horses were an integral part of the firefighting team, which would explain the clopping. Spooky!

If this isn’t at all offputting to you, the city has yet to put up an official listing, however, there is a for lease sign in the window and an email that you can contact.

You can also call the city at 311 or visit this link here for more information. Happy renting, paranormal investigators!