Most people might agree with us when we say that walking around downtown is a more enjoyable experience than driving downtown. Nothing beats wandering Granville, popping into stores, bars, and coffee shops on a warm afternoon. And, to make that pleasant experience a little easier, the Granville Street Promenade starts next week.

“What is the Granville Street Promenade?” you may ask. Well, it’s going to be a section of Granville Street that will be a vehicle-free zone for pedestrians that was just approved by the Vancouver City Council. We love a pedestrian zone!

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Starting on July 24, between Smithe and Helmcken on Granville St will be closed off to all vehicles during the day on Saturday and Sunday for the next six weeks.

So, this means that it’ll be easier to walk around, check out the great bars, restaurants, and shops on that street. Not to mention the chance to enjoy street musicians and the new patios and outdoor seating in the area. Now that’s good, old-fashioned city fun.

The pedestrian promenade was approved by Vancouver City Council in June. And, after some consultation with a downtown business improvement association, it’s finally happening. So, put on your walking shoes!

On weekends, the promenade will be on from the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.. Which is a whole 14 hours of car- and bus-less Granville street fun. So, if you’re feeling up to it, it’s a great chance to get out, get active and enjoy our beautiful city and downtown,