We’re still having trouble moving past the tunnel scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Luckily, this candy store in Nanton is a completely wholesome experience. All sugar, sans the technicolour nightmare!

The Candy Store in Nanton opened back in 2004 (feels just like yesterday) and is a true mom and pop shop. The family that owns it has literally passed the ice cream scoop from generation to generation.

Candy store in NAntoncandy

Situated in a building that has stood for over 100 years, this candy store is practically a time capsule. This place plays heavily on nostalgia, but who doesn’t love a little throwback? Walking through Nanton is like walking thorugh an antique store entirely, and this store is no different.

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The Candy Store in Nanton is what sweet dreams are made ofThe Candy Store in Nanton is what sweet dreams are made of

“The walls are covered with collectibles and every day we hear someone tell their spouse or friend or child I remember when…” said Pauline Higgins of The Candy Store in Nanton.

“It’s not just the candy that brings back sweet childhood memories, our antiques get people talking and bring them back on a regular basis.” Ugh, could this place get any cuter?

candy scoopIce Cream

Without exaggeration, this candy store carries thousands of gummies, chocolate bars, and different kinds of fudge. It’s downright insane. They also carry Foothills Creamery Ice Cream (a Calgary Fave) which is served in a storemade waffle cone. Drool.

Have a dietary restriction? Don’t fret! They made sure to carry gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free candies, and also offer a wide sugar-free selection just so no one feels left out!

The Candy Store in Nanton is what sweet dreams are made of

The Candy Store in Nanton is in Nanton (obviously) and is open every day of the year, except Christmas. 10/10 would recommend on your next trip down highway 2. Check it out, sugar fiends!


Where: 2131 – 20th Street, Nanton