Restocking your linen closet or looking for the perfect gift for the bed lovers around you, either way, you are in luck. The Canadian Down & Feather Company (CDFC) is running 3 major sales events starting on November 19 until December 17, 2022, for all the Black Friday & holiday shoppers- and we’ve got the full scoop!

The popular bedding brand is letting you grab luxe duvets, fluffy cushions and soft pillows, aka the gifts of warmth and comfort, for less. And we have our carts full.

But tempting discounts and unparalleled quality aren’t the only reasons why CDFC is a bedding essential go-to for many Canadians. It is also because of their IDS & RDS certification.

In case you were wondering, IDS & RDS certification means that all points in their supply chain have been audited to ensure the humane and ethical treatment of animals. What does that mean? Well, all down and feathers used in CDFC products are by-products of the meat industry that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Canadian, affordable AND ethically sourced! That’s our kind of brand.

Anyway, we put together a list of some of their all-time best sellers that are sure to keep every type of sleeper warm and cozy all through winter. Take a look—

The Canadian Down & Feather Company Duvet
Photo via the Canadian Down & Feather Company


This All-Season Weight duvet is perfect for the blanket hoggers who are forever cold. With 400 thread count cotton and 700 loft goose down, the duvet itself is pretty lightweight and soft.

CDFC White Duvet
Photo via the Canadian Down & Feather Company


If you’re one to run a bit warm for the most part, this duvet is for you. It’s a Summer Weight duvet with 550 loft duck down and a 260-thread count cotton shell. It’s a crisp and durable purchase.

Canadian Down & Feather Company Duvets
Photo via the Canadian Down & Feather Company


This is your solution to that hard mattress you aren’t able to get rid of. The poly bed is filled with microfiber which mimics the softness of down. So, you can sleep in feeling all warm and cushy.

CDFC Perfect Pillow
Photo via the Canadian Down & Feather Company


The pillow has been aptly named the “perfect pillow” because it works for every type of sleeper— front, back and side. Filled with Goose feathers, the pillow combines the firmness of feather with the softness of down.

CDFC Microfiber Duvet
Photo via the Canadian Down & Feather Company


If you’re a no-fuss kind of person, this is the duvet for you. It’s plush, soft and machine washable. So, it’s pretty easy to maintain.

CDFC Cushion
Photo via the Canadian Down & Feather Company


Our homes can always use pops of colour to keep the vibe cheerful. And CDFC has a whole bunch of decorative covers in every colour of the rainbow. From nude tones to bright shades and from solids to prints, they’ve got you covered with holiday decor and beyond.

That was our list folks. And here’s a bonus for you… Curiocity readers can get an additional discount of 5% on top of their already amazing Black Friday sales by using code CURIOCITY5. You’re welcome!