For most, the first day of the week is the hardest and while there’s no cure, there is a sure-fire way to put a skip back into your step! For those suffering from a case of the manic Mondays, we prescribe a single shot of nostalgia and we know just where to get a dose!

When it comes to remembering “the good ‘ol days,” Reddit is THE place to get your fix all thanks to the superhuman memories of those who frequent the platform.

In a recent post made by a user named Wookard, we were reminded of a dang-right historical event – one of which had gotten lost under years of other PBS content.

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Where in The World Is Carmen Sandiego?, was and will always be an iconic TV show where contestants would have to compete in a series of geography-related quizzes and games.

From Jamaica to the UK, this show featured incredible places that, at the time, we could only imagine – until they showcased the Calgary Zoo’, a place we were VERY familiar with.

In the episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? above, Eartha Brute takes YYC in hopes of running away with a cage full of dinosaurs. Scandalous. 

With a glimpse of the skyline and the zoo’s Dino Park this 29 minute clip had us feeling warm, fuzzy and like we were a kid again – watching after school programming.

Not only is it super cool that a TV Show as good as this one actually thought of us, it’s pretty amazing to see what the city looked like in 1999 – even if it’s only a glimpse. Check it out for yourself, friends! It might do you some good today! Happy viewing!